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Concept of pressure, getting hot under the collar

6 tips to successfully cope and excel even when under immense pressure

The biggest challenge faced by anyone who wants to make partner is dealing with immense pressure. Particularly when that pressure is on-going. Whether it is time pressure to get a piece of client work done, time to build your own practice or ‘difficult’ clients, being successful in practice is often about excelling when under pressure. […]

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What is the biggest priority as a team leader? You may be surprised

  In this article, Jon Baker, talks about how you can lead your team so that they can free you up to build your portfolio to make partner (or full equity partner) It is possible to make partner just by your own merits. However, if you want to successfully take the step up to a […]

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How do I follow up without p*ssing off my potential client?

When you are waiting on a new client or lead to say ‘yes’, it can be a tense time. Are they serious? Have you won the work? Do you have the resources for the work? Will they answer your calls or emails? That’s the problem. You know you need to follow up, but what is […]