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    Creating my business case for partnership

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    Winning my own clients

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    Leading and managing others & increasing my productivity

What if there was a proven roadmap to make partner?

Compelling business and personal case: No problem

Winning my own clients: Sorted

A supportive team beneath me: Absolutely

A life outside work: Most of the time

Getting promoted ahead of my peers: Definitely

Senior equity partners vocally championing me to make partner: Yes (!)

Contrary to what you may think, there are proven and repeatable routes through the maze that is the journey to make partner. But, have you noticed there is very little publicly available information or internal firm information to help you find your route?

Let's be honest, if it was easy to make partner, then it wouldn't be the holy grail of being in practice.


Let me introduce myself

My name is Heather Townsend, and I am the founder of 'How to make partner'. 

I have spent the last decade working with hard-working and talented high achievers to help them make partner. When I joined the professions I was amazed how little support great professionals are given by their firms. And at how much mystery and conjecture surrounds progressing your career through to partnership. Surely the information in the free Career Kitbag and on this site should be obvious and widely known? 

It truly saddens me how many great professionals are chewed up and spat out by the treadmill that the professional services can be.

This is why I wrote 'How to make partner and still have a life'

As a result, this is why I wrote the book 'How to make partner and still have a life', and set up this blog. It's also why I then went on to write another two books. I want the most effective strategies and shortcuts to professional career progression known by the people who need them.

For example, did you know that if you invest in building your network as a junior professional, this will drastically reduce the pain and the amount of time you will need to build your own client portfolio as a senior fee earner?

Or did you know that regardless of the boxes that you tick and the hoops you leap through, your route to partnership hinges drastically on how many advocates you have within the partners? 

Read this site and sign up for the free Career Kitbag for more honest insights and strategies from experts in making partner.

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Get FREE access to more than 40 resources in the Career Kitbag, including all the proven techniques and strategies that have helped our clients from the Big 4, Magic Circle, mid-tier and small firms make partner.
Creating your own personal business case for partnership
Partnership potential self assessment tool
Designing and delivering impactful presentations
Building your own personal networking strategy
Follow up letters and LinkedIn requests for people you meet when networking
Choosing and capitalising on your niche
Getting the most out of your mentor
10-point LinkedIn profile checklist
. . . and much, much more!