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4 foolproof tips to help you make it from being on partnership track to Big 4 partner

What happens when you put two strong straight-talking women in a room? Who both help talented professionals make partner at the Big 4 (as well as other firms!) The sparks flew…. …as the world was put to rights! During my lengthy conversation with  Tara  (Leadership and Personal Impact Specialist who has helped 100s of Big 4 directors […]

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How to make partner at a Big 4 firm? (part 2)

Why do professionals want to be a Big 4 partner? Becoming a Big 4 partner is generally seen as the pinnacle of excellence and achievement for any accountant or consultant. In this second of a series of blog posts, we will discuss what you need to do to be a Big 4 partner, and the […]

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Is the curse of professionalism limiting your career progression?

A few months ago I was helping a group of consultants put together their personal marketing kit. Despite most  of the consultants handling client portfolios worth over £1 million, they almost all suffered with the curse of professionalism, which was stopping them taking the next step in their career.  In this blog post I identify […]


4 different types of sales questions which will turn you into the firm’s rainmaker

In this blog post, fresh after talking about how to use your personality to convert more sales, Jon Baker explains the different types of sales questions for accountants (as well as lawyers and consultants) Sales questions for accountants Questions play a powerful role in getting prospective clients to sign up. Yet the common complaint I […]

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Why my coming 292nd out of 330 will help you make partner

My face was bright red, I was sweating from every single part of me… but I was smiling and ecstatically happy. My husband was by my side. There was of course, some fairly tight and revealing clothing being worn… … but you would expect that as I was at the finish line of The Marston […]

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Inheriting a new team – how to decide which team members to keep?

When you get made up to partner, either through a promotion or a lateral move, it is not uncommon to inherit a new team, or a dysfunctional group of people who happen – more because of a HR structure chart – to belong to the same team. Your long term success as partner is driven […]

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5 savvy tips to get time to think even in the middle of a client crisis

When you work within the professions and have to record every six minutes, thinking space can be a bit of a luxury. However, time to think isn’t a luxury you can’t afford, it is an absolute necessity to be able to perform and make the right decisions. Here are our 5 tips to get your […]